Mom Fail

Today I am going to share what I think is one of my biggest mom fails and valuable lessons learned.  I’m going to get vulnerable so be kind on the judgement.  🙂

It was Halloween night, 2003 and my BFF was throwing a Halloween Party.  If you know Jennifer, this lady does nothing small.  Oh my goodness, I love this gal on SO many levels!!  We get to the party a little early so maybe I can help her get things ready but of course in true Jen fashion, she is ready to roll.  The families start rolling in and it so fun to visit with friends and see all the kid’s costumes.  There is a myriad of activities going on.  A costume contest, a hayride, a scavenger hunt, a zip line, and probably ten more things I don’t remember.

What I do remember is that zip line.  Many of the kids are zipping over and over and having a blast.  My daughter, who was only five at the time (this might be where that judgement creeps in), wanted to join.  I analysed the situation and decided it was okay.  After all there was a seat to zip on, many older friends who were willing to help her, she was a scrappy little thing and I would stand right there and supervise.  Wow!!  They had so much fun!!

As the sun began to set and I stood there chatting with my friend Kathy, I got that twinge in my tummy, that tickle on the back of my neck, that (God) whisper in my ear.  I thought to myself that it was getting late, Sydney was likely getting tired and that I should tell her it was time to find something else to do.  But gosh, she was having such a good time….and I was having such a good conversation.  Maybe just a couple more zips.

The very next time she reached out to grab the rope attached to the seat, she fell.  My heart stopped as she fell in what seemed to be slow motion.  For at least a month that image replayed in my mind every time I closed my eyes.  We ran to her and she wasn’t breathing.  I yelled for someone to call 911 and they were there in minutes that seemed like an eternity.  By the time they arrived, she was breathing (probably just had the wind knocked out of her, but not what I was thinking) and she was crying and so scared.

She and I both had our first ambulance ride that night and she cried all the way to the hospital as I prayed over her.  The short story to the happy ending is that she checked out perfect!  They ran tests and did CTs and didn’t find a thing.  The ambulance guys hung around to check on her and told us that the 10 foot fall is considered a “fatal fall”.  God had His hand on her that night.  She was quite sore the next couple of days but that too soon passed.

So the lesson I learned?  It was not that I should have told her no…..even though maybe I should have at five years old.  The lesson I learned was to listen to that little voice….that tickle….that rock in your gut…..your intuition.  Whatever you call it, respect it!!  That horrible, long night did teach me this valuable lesson!

This post is brought to you by Gratitude.  I am grateful God was with my baby that night even though I was not listening when he was clearly talking.  Be grateful!  Be tuned in!