This quote really spoke to me today.  First, because I thought of all the people fighting to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey stole from them.  He took so much from so many of my friends and neighbors here in Texas.  He took possessions.  He took homes.  He took the feeling of security.  He took lives.  It breaks my heart that so many lost so much.  But this tragedy is about so much more than that!  It is about courage.  The courage of those who came from near and far to help.  The courage of the families who walked away from everything they owned.  The courage of those who opened their homes to strangers.  The courage of those who let go of their ego to ask for help.  My heart aches and rejoices at the same time.  Weird how that can happen.

After shedding another tear or two for the hurricane victims, I started thinking about all the things in life that take great courage and how much we would miss out on if we just played it safe.  Don’t play small!  Have courage!

Courage to start kindergarten.  Courage to ask someone to play with you.  Courage to ask for help.  Courage to say “I don’t understand”.  Courage to admit you were wrong. Courage to ask for forgiveness. Courage to forgive.  Courage to be kind.  Courage to sit with the special needs child.  Courage to sing or dance.  Courage to invite.  Courage to share your faith.  Courage to ask for that first date.  Courage to not cave in to peer pressure.  Courage to do the right thing. Courage to hold your friend’s feet to the fire when they do the wrong thing.  Courage to love.  Courage to leave. Courage to marry. Courage to bring children into the world. Courage to be yourself.  Courage to tell the truth.  Courage to let go.  Courage to never let go.

Let’s try again tomorrow.  Let’s be courageous!!

5 thoughts on “Courage

  1. AND my dear Daughter (who mistakenly thinks she’s not a writer)…it takes a whole lot of courage to post one’s deepest thoughts and feelings on a blog, for all the world to read!!
    Your words are full of wisdom and love. Thank you for posting this!

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  2. Keri

    Girl life has been alittle crazy. Just lately so I haven’t had a chance to read this yet. Read this morning. Girl you rock. Don’t worry about fancy words or that other stuff. You share your heart and it’s awesome. Love you!!♥️

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  3. Reblogged this on LivingYoung and commented:
    This is my Daughter’s blog. I’m very proud of her for sharing her thoughts and feelings with others in this way. She, indeed, is a very courageous person. Her son, pictured in her next post, is now an amazing 22 year old college graduate on the verge of launching his career. He has also been very courageous in dealing with his Juvenile Arthritis all these years. Please pay a visit to Terri’s blog and leave a word of encouragement for her.


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